Blurrr SDK
Coming SOON

Cross Platform for Desktop & Mobile

It’s about the games, not the  platforms. Ship where people play games and let your players play on their platform of choice with a native experience.

Deploy to SteamOS/Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi 2.

Develop on OS X, Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi 2.

Language Wars be gone

Language is a tool, not a religion. Use the tools that make sense for your situtation. You decide the language, not us.

C: The go-to language for flexibility, power, and performance, and the one language every other language knows how to talk to

Lua: The defacto scripting language of the video game industry

JavaScript: The most used language in the world

Swift*: The new exciting language from Apple which has been just been open sourced for everybody

For more flexibility and power, start in Lua or JavaScript or Swift and intermix with C when useful.

Built on a proven, trusted foundation

Built on SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer), the ultimate cross-platform game engine foundation layer for over a decade for countless numbers of AAA games, and now even SteamOS itself.

Use SDL and many other proven components such as OpenAL for audio and Chipmunk for physcis.

Leverage the existing user bases for knowledge and code.

Lego blocks

Modular, not monolithic, so you can customize & differentiate

The time that you could post a flashlight app and make money is a bygone era. You now must differentiate your game to compete. Monolithic, cookie-cutter engines are nice until they limit you and prevent you from fulfilling your vision. Getting those tiny details just right requires fine control and precision.

Blurrr’s lightweight component architecture puts you in control. 

Choose the parts you want.

Take control of your application architecture.

Go lower level when you need to.

Understand how everything works.

Native First Class Development:
Leverage the best tools available

Microsoft, Apple, & Google invest millions of dollars per year on developer tools for their platforms. Why not take advantage of them?

Rather than locking you into a proprietary enviroment, Blurrr allows you to leverge the native tools for each platform since your app is native. You are no longer relegated to being a second class citizen on the platforms you seek to develop for. 

You have the freedom to choose the best tools available to you.

Coming Soon:

Check out some preview videos on the video page.

If you would like to try early access, contact earlyadopter -at- blurrrsdk . com or use this form.

* Swift is a brand new language that is still rapidly evolving and changing. Support is currently experimental on OS X, iOS, SteamOS, Raspberry Pi 2, and Android. Availability subject to change. 

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