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Special Notice: In conjunction with our Swift on Android talk at the try! Swift Tokyo conference, beta access is now open to everybody. Also, please check out Dance of the Fairies / in memory of Carlos Icaza.

Latest News (see the blog for more updates): 
2019/10/31: New release for Android 64-bit, macOS 10.15 Catalina, iOS 13, & Xcode 11. Read more here.

2019/07/29: Status update: Cancer, Android 64-bit, macOS App Notarization, Xcode Archive feature, & Iup Next accepted into mainline. Read more here.

Cross-platform Native App Dev Made Simple 

Native application development is harder than it should be.
Let’s fix that.

What are the best practices for writing cross-platform code?

How do you get all your dependencies built for each platform?

How do you deal with multiple build systems and keep things in sync? (Visual Studio, Xcode, Android Studio, etc.)

What are all the different rules for packaging resources and libraries for each platform?

What about sandboxing & code signing for each platform?

So Blurrr SDK makes it simple. Think "Create React App” for native apps. 

No installers, no configuration. 

Just download the Blurrr SDK and Create, Build, & Go.


Blurrr SDK ships with native cross-platform pre-built libraries for multiple platforms. Just create a new project using BlurrrGenProj and get a ready-to-ship cross-platform project you can start adding code to. A cross-platform build system via CMake is constructed for you so you can share the same project across different platforms without the management hassles.

Cross Platform for Desktop & Mobile

It’s about your apps & games, not the SteamOS, OSX, Windows, iOS, Android, Raspberry Piplatforms. Ship where people go and let your users play on their platform of choice with a native experience.

Deploy to SteamOS/Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi 2.

Develop on macOS, Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi 2.

Language Wars be gone

C Lua Swift JavaScript

Language is a tool, not a religion. Use the tools that make sense for your situtation. You decide the language, not us.

C: The go-to language for flexibility, power, and performance, and the one language every other language knows how to talk to

Lua: The de facto scripting language of the video game industry

JavaScript: The most used language in the world

Swift*: The new exciting language from Apple which has been just been open sourced for everybody

Start with the language you want. Intermix if you choose.

Built on a proven, trusted foundation


Blurrr SDK provides proven, ready-to-go cross-platform libraries.

SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) is the ultimate cross-platform game engine foundation layer for over a decade for countless numbers of AAA games, and now even SteamOS itself.

IUP (Portable User Interface), originally developed at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, provides native GUI widgets in a cross-platform API that is designed for any programming language.

libcurl is the esteemed and ubiquitous networking library that can be found in almost all devices nowadays and used by over a billion people.

Use these and many other proven components such as OpenAL for audio and Chipmunk for physics. (See documation for included libraries.) 

Leverage the existing user bases for knowledge and code. 

Add your own libraries to build the apps you want to create.

Lego blocks

Modular, not monolithic, so you can customize & differentiate

The time that you could post a flashlight app and make money is a bygone era. You now must differentiate your game to compete. Monolithic, cookie-cutter engines are nice until they limit you and prevent you from fulfilling your vision. Getting those tiny details just right requires fine control and precision.

Blurrr’s lightweight component architecture puts you in control. 

Choose the parts you want.

Take control of your application architecture.

Go lower level when you need to.

You can understand how everything works and still take advantage of what’s already there.

Native First Class Development:
Leverage the best tools available

native tools

Microsoft, Apple, & Google invest millions of dollars per year on developer tools for their platforms. Why not take advantage of them?

Rather than locking you into a proprietary enviroment, Blurrr allows you to leverge the native tools for each platform since your app is native. You are no longer relegated to being a second class citizen on the platforms you seek to develop for. 

Use Xcode, Visual Studio, Android Studio... You have the freedom to choose the best tools available to you.

XcodeVisual StudioAndroid StudioQt Creator

Unlimited Free Trial

Try out the beta here.

Check out some preview videos on the video page.

Please Support!

I am leading the effort to implement IUP backends for Mac, iOS, Android, and Emscripten. I am also contributing to a number of open source libraries to make Blurrr SDK possible. I appreciate any financial support you can provide to continue to fuel this effort. 

Purchasing Blurrr SDK is one way to do this. Currently Blurrr SDK is undergoing a $99 introductorary offer.

Also donations are greatly welcome. Contributors will have influence on features I prioritize.

If you would like to be a corporate sponser or would like to arrange special features or consulting, please contact me.

or help by
Donations are NOT tax-deductable

* Swift is a brand new language that is still rapidly evolving and changing. Support is currently experimental on OS X, iOS, SteamOS, Raspberry Pi 2, and Android. Availability subject to change. 

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