Update for Xcode 8.3 & Workshop Examples

A new version of the Apple SDK is available on the Downloads page. The latest Xcode 8.3.x release broke the project generation for Swift based projects. The new version of the Apple SDK fixes this. There are no other changes, so the non-Apple platform SDKs are not affected and you will not need to download new versions of those.

Also, the example code from the try! Swift Intro to Game Programming Workshop with SDL is available for

Blurrr SDK beta is now open to all

In thanks and celebration of my Swift on Android talk at try! Swift Tokyo, Blurrr SDK is now in open beta. Follow this link to get access.

Learn more about the talk and watch it by following this link.

I also spoke about my friend, mentor, and former co-founder Carlos Icaza. As a tribute, I created this demo, “Dance of the Fairies”, which I showed at the end of my talk.

"Dance of the Fairies” (Shown at try! Swift: In memory of Carlos Icaza)

(cross-post from

What does a fairy dance look like when there are no clumsy, smelly humans around?

For Sierra fans everywhere: This is inspired from the Quest for Glory series. It is also in memory to my friend, mentor, and former co-founder, Carlos Icaza who passed away unexpectedly this summer.

Please make sure to watch it at 60fps. (Direct YouTube link here.)

Dance of the Fairies was first presented during 

Swift on Android At try! Swift Tokyo

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I was invited to speak at the try! Swift Tokyo conference about Swift on Android. Since I’m something like only 1 of 4 people in the world who know anything about this, I eventually got asked. 

Swift on Android

The talk went extremely well. Even though it was by far the longest talk of the conference (slotted for 45 minutes instead of the usual 20), attendees told me it went by fast. …

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