Fall 2017 Update


I will be speaking at the 2017 Lua Workshop this coming week. I will be unveiling the work I have been doing furiously behind the scenes on IUP, the cross-platform native GUI library.

Now in addition to native games, you can start building traditional native applications too. For example, the BlurrrGenProj tool is now written with IUP. This has been a long time coming. The trySwift! Tokyo release shipped with an IUP version on all platforms except Mac. The Mac has now switched to IUP and is much faster and feels native.  Blurrr now includes a “Sneak Preview” of the IUP library in progress. Please give it a try. I will post more about this soon.

This release also contains some new APIs and libraries. Most notably, a cross-platform In-App Purchase module, BLRInAppPurchase, is included with Blurrr. It supports the Mac and iOS App Stores as well as a bunch of Android stores. There is now a Documentation link at the top-right of this web site so you can more easily find the documentation to all the libraries Blurrr SDK ships with.

This release also contains updates for the latest Xcode and Android Studio releases. For Linux development, Qt Creator is now an option. Please see the Documentation for instructions because the workflow is a little different.

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